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Why play EXTRA??
The EXTRA program in Ladera is one of the premiere competitive programs in youth soccer. 

I am sure that a lot of you are being approached by some club marketing folks who are trying to engage you with conversations about joining their club team.

Year after year, we always get lots of people returning from Club scenarios for one or many of the below reasons and parents who are just burned out, not to mention the kids are actually not enjoying the game of soccer as much as they used to.

Club soccer sometimes is a great choice for some families, we certainly respect a parent’s right to choose, we just wanted to make sure you were informed and considered this before making your move…We will be here for the long haul, and if we can help you in any way, please feel to reach out to us.

Before jumping too quickly, we wanted to share a few items for you to consider that some parents who are returning from local “club” programs are sharing with us:

  •  AYSO EXTRA practice at home Ladera fields always…no travelling around to various fields further away from Ladera
  • AYSO EXTRA -- you are still playing AYSO, which means it is still about family, the team and assured playing time of at least half of every soccer game; Non-AYSO club teams do not have this requirement, so there is no guarantee of play time during a game – not sure how that further develops kids to play better soccer.
  •  While most club teams have more travel involved and usually play games every Saturday and Sunday, most parents of our EXTRA players take comfort in not having the majority of their weekends consumed.  
  • In addition to our existing volunteer coaches (all with highest levels of certification required and some former club coaches themselves), the AYSO EXTRA program also has a strategic partnership with U.K. Soccer International and their elite coaching staff, most of which have equal level advanced certifications as US club soccer coaches.
  • The total cost for EXTRA program is generally about1/2 or 1/3 of a local club $
  • Usually there is a limited skills based training involved with a lot of “club” -- Reports of club coaches requiring extra fees to be paid for “skills training” on non-practice days since most practices they are just doing scrimmages the whole time –
  • Reports of new club coaches being randomly assigned to coach games who had never even met the kids before –
  • There are so many club teams in SOCAL that unfortunately, for the most part, it has become somewhat of a business and all about the #’s and W/L records for the coaching staff and their political domains

The AYSO EXTRA program starts at U9 and can go as high as U16. The players are primarily selected by way of a tryout process that evaluates fundamental soccer skills, including: 

Defending • Attacking • Speed • Ball Control • Game Knowledge • Attitude 

It has been described like an All-Star team that stays together and plays year round. The level of play is more competitive than a signature program, and our EXTRA teams usually go toe-to-toe toe with Bronze level or Flight 3 competitive club teams when they enter tournaments.  


The EXTRA Program's goals are to be successful, both in player development and team results. The results will come due to the growth of the players in both their skills and understanding of the game. This will be the result of a solid TEAM effort, which must include the players, parents and coaching staff. The strength of the team is founded in good communication and understanding between the coaches, players, parents and administrators.

This is a competitive soccer environment and should be respected as such. We expect all teams to conduct themselves as a competitive club team. Coaches coach, trainers train and team managers organize and run the team. Teams are expected to perform at their best and give 100%. Horsing around and a sense of entitlement is not part of our program. It is an honor to make an EXTRA team and all players must know and respect that concept. We expect 100% commitment and effort while still having a fun and positive soccer experience.  Coaches are expected to challenge the players more than recreational level soccer, pushing them to strive and be better, individually and as a team.

The Extra Team is a calendar year commitment and they will begin in late January and will go through December, aligning with Spring and Fall recreational soccer calendars for the most part.  Some teams continue practicing after their main Spring and Fall season games on a limited basis in addition to playing in tournaments in the spring and summer.  Also, we have the UK International coaching staff host a week long advanced skills training for them 5 days x 3 hrs a night during the month of August to prep the players for the Fall session.

EXTRA Format of Play
This decision was reached after careful consideration of the current format of play and the changes mandated by the U.S. Soccer Federation.

The Spring EXTRA Program will be holding its tryouts in December for the 2018 gaming circuit.

Becoming an EXTRA Coach - CLICK HERE

All kids attending an Extra tryout who did not play AYSO in Fall 2016 must complete a registration form for liability reasons. Please complete this form and bring to the tryout.

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