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Becoming a Referee

Referees are as critical to soccer as players and coaches. In AYSO, the game can’t be played if there aren’t enough referees. It’s most common for a volunteer to begin their AYSO referee career by refereeing their own child’s game. However, as they learn the rules, develop their own techniques for managing players, coaches and fans, and gain an appreciation for how important the role of the referee is to a fun, fair and safe soccer experience, they often find it very rewarding to expand their knowledge and experience through AYSO’s advanced training and certification process. 

AYSO’s referee training is considered some of the best in the U.S. and includes both in-person courses in your community and online opportunities. Soccer knowledge is a plus, but is certainly not required. The AYSO referee training will give you all you need to know to have a terrific experience on the field.

We encourage your participation, volunteer today!


Area 11L will offer classes July 13

Three classes will be offered in Ladera Ranch (August 17, 24 and 31)

Register as a referee and search AYSOU for local classes:

Register online and do the prerequisite work prior to showing up for the class.

 More information can be found at
Note - each volunteer should have their own account for better access.  Use a different email address for each account,

Training Check Listtraining checklist

AYSOU/EtrainU Access - aysou access

AYSO Sponsored Live Scan -
 9/25 at 7PM - 28291 Alicia Pkwy, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Not Sponsored, but you can go anytime for $25.  Link to Live Scan -


If they have not already taken the required steps to get certified, please get them going ASAP:

  1. If the new volunteer does not already have an account, Create a new account with different email address at (make sure you have completely logged out of other accounts)
  2. Registered as Referee Volunteer or Youth Referee Volunteer in that new account
  3. Navigate to AYSOU from the home page of (AYSOU)
  4. Click on the "Login" button top right corner (this will sync the two systems)
  5. Take the Online Regional Referee Class before Saturday (8/20, Chaparral Elementary, 9 AM-12 PM)
  6. Take the Safe Sport, Safe Haven, CDC Concussion Awareness and Sudden Cardiac Arrest class.
  7. Register for the in-person class on Saturday at AYSOU.
  8. Link to Live Scan - Link to Live Scan -
For 10U-14U Core Recreation, each team will be required to cover 4 games worth of referees, which is 16 points minimum to qualify for any post season play. That's 2 points for the Referee position and 1 point each for Assistant Referee. EXTRA/Premier, 16U and 19U Teams will need 20 points minimum to qualify for post season play. This requirements applies to, but not limited to, our Regional Invitational Tournament, Area TOC and EXTRA Section Tournament.  No borrowing points.

Why does my child's team need Referee Points?
Referee points represent referee coverage within our region.  AYSO is 100% volunteer run and we need EVERY team to provide referees so games do not get cancelled.  ALL teams must have active volunteers covering games in order to qualify for the INVITATIONAL post-season play.  A team cannot just "borrow" points from a referee not associated with their team in order to get approved.  All post-season tournaments are INVITATIONAL and teams will only be allowed to advance if they have had active referees covering on behalf of their teams. 

For the Fall Season, Core/Rec teams that have earned their required referee points will most likely be invited to the Ladera invitational post-season tournament to determine who advances to the Area Tournament of Champions.  For the Spring Season, teams that have earned their required referee points will be allowed to register and participate in the Area Spring Invitational Tournament.

We weren't aware we needed Referee there any way our team can advance?
Unfortunately, there is not.  We cover our requirements with all families before every season and we state that referee coverage, which translates to referee points, is required from all 10u and older teams.  We also cover this requirement at Meet Your Team Day, Coaches' Meeting, Team Parent Meeting and Coaches' pledge in the Fall and include this information in various emails over the season. 

For coaches, the RCA and Extra Coordinator covers this requirement at their seasonal coaches meetings and sends email reminders to the coaches.  Coaches sign a pledge at the beginning of the season and they sign off that they are aware of the Referee Point requirement.  Our RRA also sends emails to coaches mid-season that are lacking points to remind them what they need to do to advance.

Matchtrak tracks each team's points progress at the bottom of their team page.  Referee point requirements are also mentioned on this website under "All-Stars and Post-Season Play". Everybody should be aware that postseason play is INVITATIONAL and requires a certain amount of Referee Points.

Can I referee my own family members' game? 
Do not sign up for a family members' game until the day before the game.  Only pick up the AR spot, if available.  But always be prepared.

As a referee, can I assign my points to any team?
You can assign your points to your child's team only.  If you are an independent referee, you can choose one team and one team only.  Independent referees are defined as no child playing in the league.  Youth referees can assign their points to their own team or a siblings team.  

Pictorial Below or here:

From My Account select volunteer

Then Find Volunteer Roles

 Then look for the Show More button at the bottom, click it and Select the 2021 MY volunteer

Once 2018 MY Volunteer is selected, find Referee and click sign up

Navigate to AYSOU from the Home Page.  Make sure you are logged in first.  This will Link your accounts.  Click this button to sync the two websites:

Once logged in, look for the appropriate classes and register.

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